TSHUVA Investigations

Welcome to the TSHUVA Investigations. TSHUVA Investigations operate for more than 20 years and specialize in criminal and civil investigations as well as security know-how. TSHUVA Investigations serves Israel’s established corporations, government offices as well as private clients and international customers.

Among our customers Intel, Pfizer, Microsoft, the Business Software Association, ACUM, The Israeli Defense Office, The Israeli Post Office, The Jewish agency and leading insurance companies such as Migdal, Elihu, Menora, and more.

TSHUVA Investigations is based in Israel and employ investigators with vast international experience and conduct both local as well as international investigations. TSHUVA Investigations conduct investigations in the Palestinians Territories including the Gaza Strip.


TSHUVA Investigations
15 Avraham Giron, Yahud, Israel
+972 (3) 6349988 | Fax +972 (3) 5331306 | Email:  office@tshuva.com